Why Abacus

According to Ms. Kimiko Kawano, Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences “Abacus users visualize images, which were also proved through EEGs”.

Decker Avenue School, California, studies indicated “that increased concentration of the abacus students was one of the pre-dominating effects of the training program”.

Abacus enhances the intelligence of children between the ages of 4 to 14 years, during which 75% of the brain development takes place. It enhances utilization of both left and right sides of the brain.

When a child works on abacus it uses both its hands to move the beads. This activates both left and right brain thereby ensuring added intellect of kids.

Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Shinshu University states “the beneficial effect of abacus training is the improvement in memory”.

An abacus training program provides opportunities to the child for exercising its brain by allowing a child to move beads of an imaginary abacus that it visualizes. This process not only enhances ability of visualization, but also increases concentration, generates logics, develops photographic memory and helps in recall. The mental arithmetic calculating abilities is an ‘add on’ to the program.

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