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parent faqThese FAQs will answer all the questions in your mind (if you have any). Here is a list of possible questions and their answers for you to understand better about our Abacus program.



  • 1. What is abacus?

    Abacus is an ancient calculating tool that is made up of frames having two decks, upper and lower deck. Japanese Abacus (Soroban) which is most popularly used has 1 and 4 beads in upper and lower deck respectively. The number of rods may be variable for example 7, 13, 15, 17, 23. It is used for performing arithmetic calculations.

  • 2. What are the Fundamentals of Abacus?
    Although Abacus is a calculating device, in modern times it is used as a brain development tool. The fundamental of abacus is based on the usage of both hands and thus utilizing the functions of left and right brain. Left hand sends signals to the sensors of right brain and the right hand sends the signals to the sensors of left brain. It activates both sides of brain and thus ensures whole brain development.
  • 3. What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese abacus?
    Chinese abacus, Suanpan had 2 and 5 beads in the upper and lower deck respectively on which the calculations were performed. Japanese abacus, Soroban having 1 and 4 beads in upper and lower deck respectively is popularly used today, because of its simplified approach.
  • 4. How can your abacus program help my child?
    We understand that a child loves to play and learns better if taught in a playful manner. Our Abacus training for children is planned keeping in view the above. Hence, our Brain Development Program ensures the overall development of a child at an early age without creating any added pressure. It enhances its arithmetic and numerical abilities. It also adds to the confidence of child by evolving skills like listening, concentration, visualization, logical reasoning, photographic memory and recall.
  • 5. Will my child becomes a mathematician?
    Abacus training for children is designed to enhance their arithmetic and numerical abilities by improving their listening abilities and their ability to perform mental calculations with accuracy and speed. This adds to their confidence and level of interest in mathematics. Apparently this leads to better performance in the subject.
  • 6. How is Master Mind Abacus different from others?
    Master Mind offers what others do not. It has an edge because
    It is aligned with school curriculum method
    Adapts play and learn method for effective learning
    Provides exclusive course material (Books + DVD)
    Speed building software/Online games helps to practice and evaluate time and accuracy
    Conducts online exams at National, State and Center levels etc.
  • 7. Who can join the course?

    Children between the age group of 4 to 14 are eligible to join.

  • 8. What is the duration of complete course?
    There are 10 levels (8 basic + 2 advance levels) and the duration of each level is 3 months which makes the total duration of the course to be 2 and half years.
  • 9. How many classes are conducted in a month?
    4 (four) classes in a month. The classes are conducted once in a week (generally on weekends) which is of 2 hours each.
  • 10. Why don’t you conduct classes for the whole week and complete all the levels in a shorter span?
    Abacus needs regular practice and each child need half an hour practice for 6 days to be prepared for the next class. We believe not to stress the child and so do not overburden him/her along with the school syllabus.
  • 11. Do you conduct National and State level examinations? How?
    Yes, we do conduct Center, State and National level examinations. The examinations are conducted online. It is a hassle free process which provides convenience and ease to appear in the exam from anywhere. The evaluation is done real time with accuracy and speed.
  • 12. How do you state that a child learns while playing games? That sounds strange to me.
    Yes, in our program a child learns abacus while playing as we make practice interesting by incorporating games in our study material. Participative classrooms and online games allows them to practice with a feeling of video game. This becomes possible through speed building software designed using animations of bright colors, that evaluates kids on their accuracy and time.
  • 13. When a person above the age of 14 years cannot learn abacus, then how can your trainer assure quality training to my child?
    It’s not that a trainer cannot learn the use of abacus if he is above 12 years of age, but he will not be benefitted like a child. The children of age 4 to 14 benefits the most out of the program because their brain is in a stage of development and they are able to visualize, retain and recall pictures of the beads, thus they are able to perform mental calculations better than an adult. The trainers undergo rigorous training that assures desired output while giving Abacus training to children with the expected level of developments.
  • 14. I have seen kids of my friends and family quit the course after 2-3 levels because it is boring. What if the same happens with my child?
    Yes, most of the students get bored of the monotonous routine for 2 and half long years. But, Master Mind Abacus has initiated a play and learn method that considers the child psychology. Our participative class conduction methods keep the atmosphere competitive and allows the students to earn points for every good performance. They are awarded point cards that are redeemable with toys of their choice at the end of a level. One is also allowed to carry forward the points, to encash it for a bigger prize.
  • 15. How will my student get personal attention among all the other students?
    We do not intake students more than 15-18 in a single class. Therefore, it is convenient for the teacher to focus on each child and give him required attention. We follow a score board method in our classroom that ensures involving each and every student in all activities. Our trainers regularly update the parents about their child’s progress.
  • 16. The fees you’re charging for the whole course is too high. I cannot afford it.
    The benefits that your child will get after successfully completing the abacus program are incomparable with the fees charged. It is structured in a way that even middle class people can afford it easily.
  • 17. How will I be able to help my child in his practice when I don’t know anything about it?
    The study material also consist of a parent's handbook through which they can guide the children to practice at home. Also, contacting the trainer for any help is always an available option.
  • 18. Will my child be able to retain the abacus training provided by you for a lifetime?
    Abacus training is all about how the child practices the lessons which are being taught. If the child regularly exercises abacus methods, then definitely it can make use of the training in future.
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