Approval Process

Step1 > Location

To own your Master Mind Abacus franchise, you need to fix up a location that will be your training center for students. It can either be a residential or a commercial place or even a rented place (with a rent agreement of at least 11 months).

Step2 > Qualification

The franchisee should be a graduate in any stream. Also you need to be good with your communication, computer skills and possess entrepreneurial skills.

Step3 > Online Registration

Please fill the online registration form with all your details including payment status. Our franchise department will soon get back to you after reviewing the details provided and guide you about the further processes.

Step4 > Head Office Approval

After thorough check on the financial and other background details, the head office will approve your application and a panel will be allotted for initiating training and support processes.

Step5 > Training

Once you are approved by the head office, you will be provided training on-
Course training               Class conduction training
Counseling training       Master Mind Training ERP training
Marketing training           Center Management training

Partner Sites:

Write Right is an Institute of handwriting Technology which excels in providing all solutions and advisory on how to improve handwriting by fixing the errors, also adding speed and style to ones handwriting.
Master Mind Vedic Maths is based on Ancient Vedic calculating system and is the fastest calculating method, which helps in overcoming the maths phobia by making calculations easy and accurate.
Master Mind Online Study is a portal that allows school children the access to their entire school syllabus followed by questions and solutions, sample papers, online tests. It is a 24/7 virtual expert to guide you to success.
Master Mind e-Solutions understand its clients and mould it to fit into technology by providing best software development services. We take pride to serve our customers in a diverse array of Information Technology.
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